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  • The Bruins bowed out last night to the Canadians in Game 7 and the Kings forced and Game 7 against the Ducks. Look out... Ducks.
  • Two good things happened in the Sox game yesterday afternoon against the A's. 1) They won. 2) Abreu hit ANOTHER HR.
  • Kerr agreed to coach the Warriors yesterday, spurning the offer from the Knicks. What will Phil do now? He might not care because he's napping on a pile of money.
  • The Heat and the Spurs punched their tickets to their respective conference finals last night. The Pacers and Clippers hope to join them tonight.

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    John McDonough
    John McDonough Blackhawks President 0 0
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    The Second Half
    The Second Half 0 0
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    Mark Strehl
    Mark Strehl FOX Meterologist 0 0
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    Who You Crappin'?
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