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Today's Topics

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  • The Bulls are 7-2 since they traded Luol Deng, including a win over him and the Cavs last night.
  • The Hawks dropped one in a shootout last night against the Red Wings. Good thing they don't have those in the playoffs. And this will conclude the hockey talk for the show.
  • Talks between the club the the rooftop owners have stalled, again. It's unclear when construction on the park will begin, if ever.

Today's Guests

  • Off-Air
    Matt Miller
    Matt Miller Bleacher Report 100 0
  • Off-Air
    The Second Half
    The Second Half 100 0
  • Off-Air
    Dan Durkin
    Dan Durkin Bears Reporter 0 0
  • Off-Air
    Adam Hogg
    Adam Hogg Bears Reporter 40 60