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  • Derrick Rose played 35 minutes and led the Bulls to a victory over the Thunder in their penultimate preseason game. One more game that doesn't matter before the real season begins.
  • B+B's Person of the Year voting returns today with the second half of the first round. Bob from Niles was the big winner yesterday. Perhaps Mike from Milwaukee could be today's?
  • Literally nothing new has happened with the Bears the past few days. We'll let you know if something changes.
  • The Cardinals looked really bad last night. That was fun for people who dislike their fan base.

Today's Guests

  • Off-Air
    Matt Miller
    Matt Miller Bleacher Report 0 0
  • Off-Air
    Frank Thomas Press Conference
    Frank Thomas Press Conference 0 0
  • Off-Air
    Brian Billick
    Brian Billick NFL Analyst for FOX 0 0
  • Off-Air
    Adam Hogg
    Adam Hogg Bears Reporter 100 0